About clyderunners

We formed in 2013 when a bunch of likeminded souls were having a few drinks in the pub. We were all jog leaders with jogscotland and thought "Wouldn't it be good to have a running club which is a bit like jogscotland and a bit like a running club, but with more emphasis on support, encouragement, non-competitiveness, banter, fun, oh and lots of night outs.  Do you think we could create one?"

That night we had a club ethos, be(e) all you can be(e) and the bee mascot was born. The rest is history we are going from strength to strength.

Even although we have had ultra-runners, marathoners, half marathoners, ironman, 10k and 5k runners, we all have the same idea not to take ourselves too seriously. We have made some really good friends and continue to do so.  Why not come along and give us a try, the jokes are amazing too.

We are a group coached club, running from Carluke on routes which accommodate all paces;  both plodders and speedsters will gain from clyderunners.   We meet at the front of the Leisure Centre, by the High School, on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.   The Sunday run is at 9.30 am and the location changes weekly, please check the Facebook page for up to date details.


Get in touch and join us for your next run