Carluke on the run 10k

Carluke on the run 10k was slightly less well attended overall due to clashes with other events like Stirling marathon. For clyderunners, however, I reckon it was our best turnout yet.

The weather was one of those blustery, spitty days when you don’t know what to wear. I opted for a t-shirt under my vest which was a bit tight but warm enough.

Away we went up Yieldshields which is the 5th time I have done this in a race. I am ok-ish with this section, it kind of suits me- comfortably numb I would say.
Fraser went off quickly and was out of sight before too long. Allan seemed a bit surprised that I was only 15 seconds behind him at the turn – that made 2 of us.

Kevin was just behind me and I had the feeling he would catch up before too long.

Gordon was just behind at the turn as well, although probably not at his best having completed a 13 mile obstacle race and was black and blue with bruises. Then decided to get a start on the day for the 10k- seems like a good recovery run *cough*.

Allan stretched away on the return leg and Kevin caught me up going into the stadium, although I just managed to get a gap in the finishing stretch. I was totally wasted.

Davie was busy photographing the race on the way round, part of the bigger picture- trail marathon build up.

My time was 20 seconds faster than last year but this is where I go into anorak mode. The distance was correct this year, but was 0.16 miles too long last year -equivalent to 67 seconds at 7 minute/mile pace (apologies for reverting to imperial units). The net effect is that my average speed actually decreased this year by 8 seconds/mile.

HELLO- are you still awake after that? Anyway – we all had a nice wee morning with a lot of effort being displayed. Nice one.

Results available on stuweb. T
Photo from Alister.

Some vids below and photos by Kevin Ramage also available on facebook.

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