Carluke on the Run 10k

The Carluke Development Trust road race this year was held on an extended course, bringing it up to 10k from 5 miles previously. More hills as well- yeah!

The b…uild up to this had seen an intense rivalry within clyderunners not seen since the days of Coe and Ovett. Allan was playing his ‘injury’ card but still running well, Grant in the form of his life, Derek had some good training for upcoming Edinburgh marathon, Joyce tearing up the Polaroid 10k’s and myself having had some 5k and 10k’s recently as good prep.

Off we went out the stadium with Joyce taking the lead with the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse in pursuit. Allan took the lead position in the club on the road to the first hill and there he stayed, while the other horsemen jockeyed for position behind.

The rain started going up to Yieldshields, but didn’t come to much. Conditions on the second half were perfect- nice and cool. The additional hill didn’t turn out to be a ‘yeah’ after all- more like an ‘groan’.

My race went ok with a decent average speed (for me) considering the elevation of the course. I had a bit of an out of body experience close to the finish but I suppose that is a sign that I wasn’t holding back.

A great wee local race and we picked up first male team! Thanks for all the support around the course and to Pamela for the pictures. Cheers!- T.

Times as far as I know are:
Allan Mooney 44:20
Troy Morgan 45:09
Grant Quigg 45:30
Derek Millar 46:49
Joyce Allardice 49:04

Good times on a hilly course, actually longer than 10k by at least a minute as well!

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