clyderunners training

Some clyderunner members may be training for a race; a 10k or a half marathon, others may simply want to run to gain or keep fitness.  Regular training sessions are scheduled to assist members to achieve their best in these upcoming events but will benefit those who have no wish to take part in a formal race setting.

We train on Tuesdays and have regular Sunday social runs.


Tuesday is usually an efforts session focusing on speed work and/or hill efforts. Meet outside Carluke leisure centre at 6:30pm.


We organise sociable long runs every Sunday. These start at 9:30am and the location changes weekly.

Have a look at some of our routes.

Track sessions

It is our aim to have at least one track session per month at The John Cumming Stadium, Carluke on a Thursday at 6.30 pm.

All of our sessions are updated on the clyderunners facebook page which includes our regular midweek sessions, long runs and other ad hoc runs.